If you find any images hosted in the Envimage website violates any copyrights, please contact us by visiting the Contact us page and choosing the subject to "DMCA complaint". We will reivew the work accroding to the DMCA and NTD procedures and remove if it violates the copyright claim.

Envimage is powered by Waterpedia and is committed to the freedom of expression of its contributors, editors and community members, but we also realize that our image sharing platform contains user-generated content (USC) which might be used in a way that is illegal and can cause damage to other parties. Waterpedia's role as an Online Service Provider (OSP) is limited and in the unfortunate event when we find or is notified of unlawful content being distributed through our Service, we will follow the procedures described below and by using our website, you agree to be bound by our DMCA and NTD policies below.

Waterpedia is based in the Netherlands and subscribed to the Dutch Notice and Take Down Code of Conduct (NTD-gedragscode) of the Platform Internet Security (Platform Internetveiligheid). In addition, Waterpedia is also registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington D.C. for the designated agent to receive notification of under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 512)(“DMCA”), as we may be required to remove content from the Waterpedia website in response to claimed infringement with an official DMCA request to take down the content.

Send your notice to our designated agent by snail-mail or email (preferred option for quick response) as set forth in the link below:

Click this link for Waterpedia DMCA Designated Agent

Contact details for reporting copyright infringement

Espoortstraat 257-511
Enschede, 7511CL
Phone: 0031683558738

For more details about DMCA and NTD procedures, please read Waterpedia DMCA and NTD page

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