Features of Waterpedia images sharing platform

Waterpedia images sharing platform offers a wide range of features for the users who are our community members.

Web features

  • A fully responsive design that adapts and optimizes for any screen resolution (desktops, laptops tablets, and phones).
  • The web interface is available in 29 languages.
  • Fully supports animated GIF images.
  • Images are grouped under various categories and albums for ease of access.
  • Browse all images as categories or use the powerful inbuilt search.
  • Every image is set with a unique name and about description.
  • Image viewed counter on every image.
  • Filter by most liked images.
  • User account and social features

  • Registering a user account is possible with a valid email address and a unique username.
  • Unique username is required to make use of unique user URL page creation as https://waterpedia.wiki/YourUsername.
  • Upload images to share with the global community.
  • Default language and time zone selection.
  • User profile with name, website, and bio.
  • Connect social networks for ease of sharing images.
  • Follow other users to get notified on new image uploads.
  • One click like/dislike image and liked images gets stored in your user "liked" listing.
  • Images can be shared directly to any social of your choice listed under each image including Whatsapp share if you are viewing images on mobile devices.
  • Integrated commenting on each images using your facebook account login.
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